Knosh has been making Tempeh since 2017. We've refined an old traditional Indonesian staple; Our Tempeh is fresh, unique and a perfect accompaniment to any meal.


We believe artisanal Tempeh is all encompassing;

It's a delicious, versatile, and nutrient-dense ingredient that sustains a healthy lifestyle. 

 We've carefully sourced organic, whole foods chocked full of essential nutrients and fused them through the process of fermentation. The outcome? A natural Superfood! 

Knosh Tempeh is hand produced in 

Montreal, Quebec


Kali Mackell, RHN, Plant Based Chef Owner/Creator

Earth, water, fire, air and space are elemental energies inside each of us.

 Much healing can be found by acknowledging the elements and recognizing how much we are in touch or out of connection with these fundamental energies.

 "Knosh" , meaning "to eat enthusiastically" or "with joy"  was founded on the basis that food should be consumed conscientiously in order to bring balance of happiness and health .

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Montreal, Quebec

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